15 minute meal prep for beginners

Do you like the idea of meal prepping, but you’re not sure where to start? If you aren’t ready to commit 3-4 hours on a Sunday to meal prep for the week, I understand. Below I will share with you an easy meal prep I prepare when I just don’t have time. This meal is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack throughout the day to keep you full. It is one of my favorite snacks to take to work. The protein keeps me full and energized. If I plan ahead and pack my meals and snacks rather than finding them from food trucks or vending machines when the hunger strikes, I have more energy, I am more productive, and I stay full longer.

Here are the easy, and simple ingredients for my meal prep for beginners:

  • A hard boiled egg (or two)
    • Not sure how to hard boil eggs? Now is a great time to learn.
  • Cheese
    • I used mini string cheese below. You can go the string cheese route, or mix and match your favorite cubes. Some of you will go for the “Babybel” cheese. I support that choice 100%.
  • Apple slices
    • I am not going to tell you which type of apple to buy. I am sure you already have your favorite. However, I will tell you to buy whole apples and slice them yourself rather than buying a bag of already sliced apples.
  • Grapes
    • Choose between red or green. You’ll be judged either way.
  • A classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You are never too old for this.
    • I prefer crunchy peanut butter. My favorite right now is “Peter Pan Simply Ground” thanks to my fiance.
    • I used to be strictly a grape jelly person, but now that I’ve branched out, I’ve discovered the sweet, sweet flavors of raspberry and blackberry jam. I suggest checking your farmer’s market for local and homemade jams. Nothing can beat homemade jelly/jam.
    • Type of bread is completely up to you. Pictured below, I used wheat bread. Feel free to use your favorite loaf of bread. Or, if you’d like to cut some carbs and have the time, make a handful of pb&j minis using your favorite crackers.



I know that some of you appreciate having an exact meal to shop for and create, while others of you will want to create your own version. So feel free to create your own combo using different fruits/veggies that are in season. I can’t help myself when dark cherries are in season. I add them to everything. Peaches are another good option if you’re tired of apples. I’ve also done this meal prep before with carrots and peanut butter instead of a pb&j (If you haven’t tried baby carrots dipped in peanut butter yet, you’re missing out). Walnuts, almonds, and dried cranberries are other great options to throw in. Mix and match until you find the meal that makes your taste buds sing. Comment below your favorite version of this protein packed meal!


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