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How was your day?

How was your day? 

This is a question that we are constantly asked, or are asking ourselves and others. 

Without even thinking, my response is usually either of the following:

My day has been great because I have done X, Y, and Z. 


My day has been okay, but I didn’t get to do X or Y, and I really wanted to do Z but didn’t have time.

Which of these is a better day? How can we compare? On one end, it feels great when I am able to check things off my list. But on the other end, God did not create me to put tasks over relationships or measure my success by completed tasks. This may not be a struggle for some of you. Maybe checking items off of a list isn’t your thing, but I’ll bet that something is. Ask yourself what has made a “good day” good. 

If I am not cautious, I tend to measure my value based on what I’ve been able to accomplish that day or that month or even that year. I need to be reminded every morning that my value and identity are found in God alone. There is nothing that I can do or not do to take my identity away from me. I am a child of God! This is not a free pass to be lazy, but this is a golden ticket to REST, PEOPLE!! God definitely calls us to work hard. Wash those dishes for Jesus! Do the job at work that no one else wants to do, and do your best job for Jesus! You can turn anything into worship. At the same time, don’t feel guilty or like you’ve lost value if you let the laundry sit another day to spend time with a friend or play a game with your children. Find that balance. Take time for yourself and for relationships. Rest is just as important as work! God created everything in six days. Do you remember what he did on the seventh? 

A productive day shouldn’t be measured just by how much you get done. A productive day should be another day you’re alive and breathing. Even on the days where you feel like nothing got done, you had 24 hours to smile at a stranger. 24 hours to make a new friend. 24 hours to catch up with an old friend. 24 hours to fuel your body with delicious food. 24 hours to laugh at dad jokes. You were given 24 more hours of life, and that is a pretty successful day if you ask me.